I HAVE READ that sections of road closures within New Milton including Old Milton Road, Osborne Road and in part, Station Road to allow for social distancing of pedestrians.

It is being claimed that will attract more shoppers to the town.

Will it?

All those areas are outside.

Usually people are on the move, walking to their destination.

The only distancing required is when people want to have a conversation.

Waiting at the crossing, in the centre of town, does not take up too much time.

None of these measures help anyone wanting to get inside for example the building society or banks, indeed the supermarkets.

It will in fact turn drivers away from the town, they having to find alternative routes to get to a car park.

What about buses, lorries etc. Sending them down side streets.

It was bad enough when the street market use to take up one side of Station Road.

I would however recommend, entry only, off Station Road into Osborne Road.

Those leaving, would have to do so, via Spencer Road and the next set of lights in Ashley road. Otherwise, leave it alone.

I am waiting for Tesco to resume normal opening hours from 6 am, and allow people to get in and out as soon as possible. Without any queuing.

Just about everything these days is wrapped.

Fresh vegetables and fruit you would want to wash and possibly peel.

Spending say 15 minutes inside the shop (assuming enough tills are open) , is better than hanging around for ages.

As you, will soon be allowed to sit inside catering establishments for, as long as it takes. Fly in aeroplanes, etc. Why are we not allowed into supermarkets, as before?

Without any delays.

Richard Grant