VENTURING back to work this past week using public transport has been a nightmare.

Government states face masks must be worn, and designated seats to adhere to the social distancing rules.

Apparently not the case in Southampton and surrounding areas .

Buses have posters in their windows stating the fact for PPE, they have banners around seats that you cannot sit in, but the passengers disregard it all.

The bus drivers don’t say anything and are quite complacent. Many of my colleagues have had the same problem and this has caused anxiety attacks .

I emailed both Red Line and Blue Star buses and the responses were that the drivers are to ensure everyone reaches their destination - to phase 2 of the pandemic I assume as this is definitely the way public transport users are heading.

Some drivers are adhering to the government policy which is exactly as they should , keeping their passengers safe.

Exemptions to PPE on public transport is very easily obtainable.

You just go along to the companies offices etc and ask for an exemption card and you show this to your driver.

Also drivers are shielded by their screens so they don’t have to wear masks.

I accept this.

What causes me stress is the complacency of some drivers who don’t appear to care. Are we not all in this together ?

We could also have yet another lockdown.

Your choice bus drivers and the companies involved.

Janice Evans