May I refer to the numerous letters and reports that have appeared in the Southern Daily Echo recently; regarding the various experimental traffic regulation orders relating to the introduction of with flow bus and cycle lanes.

With respect, I am sure that Royston Smith MP and Councillor Dan Fitzhenry, leader of the opposition at Southampton City Council, who have rightly voiced their views; will be aware that any traffic regulation order (TRO) is part of a legal process that enables the highway authority in this case, Southampton City Council.

There are several stages to this process, some of which includes a public notice in the press. The public notices started to appear on the various lamp posts along the relevant parts of the carriageway of the A3024.

I am confident that the council would have sent a letter to all residents along this area, this is part of the legal consultation process .

I agree with Royston Smith MP and Councillor Fitzhenry comments i.e. the increase in traffic pollution, major traffic delays during the morning and even peak travel times, including the stadium event days .

If this proposed scheme is implemented the situation will result in complete gridlock throughout the city’s network of roads, if and when vehicle movements increase to the time before the coronavirus severely reduced the traffic levels throughout the city.

Since the various road marking and signage appeared along the A3024, relating to this proposed experimental order, I have observed a four vehicle shunt on Northam Road in the area where two lanes become one, an extremely near-miss involving a large goods vehicle which turned left into Centurion Industrial Park that was unware of a cyclist travelling in the bus lane and taxis and private hire vehicles what I refer to as “Bunny Hopping” i.e. changing lanes because they were held up by a bus and then returning to the bus lane.

I would add that as long retired member of the ambulance service both in Southampton and various stations in Hampshire I sadly have dealt with numerous traffic incidents, including many fatalities many being cyclists etc.

Only members of the emergency services can appreciate the stress related issues of dealing with the trauma of people in life-threating traffic incidents.

Therefore, please may I, request that Southampton City Council consider more warning signs, including trixi mirrors which are large circular mirrors that are attached to traffic signals and posts /poles .

Their purpose is to allow drivers of large vehicles to see alongside their vehicles blind spot when turning left.

Many of the current cycle lanes have no warning signs other than on the city side of the Itchen Bridge where there is an illuminated warning triangle, when cyclists approach the left turn into Salt Marsh Road.

Finally, any person can object to a traffic regulation order, in this case The Highways Legal Team at Southampton City Council, Civic Centre, Southampton, SO14 7LY or via email to Traffic Please quote the relevant reference number on the Public Notice.

Name and address supplied