I have lived in the New Forest East parliamentary constituency throughout Dr Julian Lewis’s 23 years tenure as its MP but have never voted for him.

As he has now been deprived of the Conservative whip in parliament,

I suggest that all of those who support the party, because of the way it is being led by Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Dominic Cummins, should immediately demand a by-election and install a candidate who would cow tow to them at all times without question or independent thought.

Julian should stand as an Independent Conservative.

With his experience and service, he was the right choice for Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee over Failing Grayling and has across party line respect in the constituency.

I would vote for him and hope that supporters of other parties would join me in the hope that Julian wins by a landslide and give Johnson, Gove and Cummins bloody noses.

Bob Davies