MR MELDRUM has not forgotten that we face a climate emergency but probably suspects that Mr C Dunn, a visitor to Southampton from Winchester has, because he made a comment about the new cycle lanes in Southampton being a disaster.

I think a large majority share this opinion - it could well be that Mr Dunn is a regular commuter to our fair city (rose tints on here) and has witnessed the changes so his opinion is credible.

Mr Meldrum fails see why Mr Dunn drives into Southampton (too far to walk perhaps) leaves his car fumes for everyone to breathe and then depart without being inconvenienced in any way.

I feel sure that Mr Dunn would have bagged up his fumes and taken them home with him but before he could do this they had dispersed.

Mr Meldrum says we have to take exceptionable measures to support alternatives to cars in our cities like bikes and walking, highly original thinking from the Green's, but no real viable alternatives.

How about zip wires for downhill journeys and ski lifts for the return trip.?

Pack Mules for the weekly shop.

Peter Green