I'M SURE there's logic to the Government's policy on mask wearing - isn't there?

Boris promises food shops a wave of extra consumers on Friday: longtime quarantined vulnerable (and worried) folk, newly 'reassured' by the imposition of mask wearing on all, apparently.

Let's hope that this surge more than makes up for those for who this denial of human rights is the last straw and who see the likes of Ocado as their only sanctity.

This at a time when the (actual) Covid daily death toll is now virtually down to single figures.

Bizarrely, the good doctor Sarah Jarvis, who generally errs on the side of caution, has been telling us - via the Jeremy Vine Show(s) - over recent weeks, that we're safe for up to 15 minutes when close up to unknown people - with or without a mask.

Also, as I understand it, strangers will continue to be allowed to gather in pubs and restaurants for hours in confined airspace without any facial constriction.

This week I'll be doing my weekly shop a day early, to avoid the expected crush.

Ho hum!

But it'll be a heavy, freezer-busting haul, by car(bon) spewer.

No environmental-friendly cycle ride with rucksack, as normal.

If this nonsense persists, come a week or two, when home stocks dwindle, what then?

I don't have an official exemption badge, like the example proudly flourished by a Millennial Snowflake voxpopper on The One Show the other evening.

Do I have the courage of my conviction to make a bare-faced scene in Aldi's. I doubt it, but others will.

More work for our outstretched police, who have already indicated their reluctance to become involved.

One things for sure, though, having tested the public's (lack of) resolve, successfully, expect Government to literally pull the wool over our faces, officially, every time there's a predicted flu epidemic - or even heavy traffic smog(?) - if they think it might save a drain on the NHS.

Oh, hang on, the discussion's moved on.

JV has just asked viewers whether we should all be compulsory injected with a hastily approved vaccine, shortly.

Those of us who can remember the awful effects (not least the victims) of an inadequately trialled drug called Thalidomide might have strong views on this.

Terry Hickman