I was pleased to find that the local council have now removed the barriers at the junction of Osborne Road with Station Road in New Milton.

Having once had my own estate agency, in Station Road (North) I use to have access to my parking, off Osborne Road.

If I were there today, that closure would have meant going via Spencer Road into Ashley Road,two sets of lights just to get back onto Station Road.

I understand, Old Milton Road, at the traffic lights, is still closed.

Are people genuinely going to catch coronavirus by having to wait for a short time, for the lights to change, then walk across the road?

I somehow doubt it, considering it is very much outdoors.

Why is it considered safe to go to the beach, recreational park, swimming pool, eat in a restaurant, café, pub, even in an enclosed space such as aeroplanes, but not to stand for a few moments at the Old Milton Road, pedestrian crossing?

Motorists still have to go along Whitefield Road, even large lorries.

More traffic in Elm Avenue and as mentioned already, Spencer Road.

That must create more pollution, and loss of trade to the Town. Than, a few walkers having to stand, until the lights change.

If they are frightened of catching something, then wear a mask. You have to anyway to go into a shop.

What did the local MP, Desmond Swayne, have to say upon the subject?

Richard F. Grant,