Regarding the article about speeding vehicles on September 17 entitled “Anger at ignorant and rude motorists”. This is a poor description. They are antisocial and dangerous. There is a serious problem of speeding cars and motorbikes in the Merryoak/Sholing area which has persisted for a long time, but it is getting worse. It appears Mr Glyde has reported this but no one has taken any notice. I also have reported this to the police, result - no reply, no acknowledgement, nothing.

Some vehicles are travelling at, I would estimate, well over 40 mph, up to 50 or 60 miles per hour. The Sunday afternoon bike racers in the Merryoak Road, Sholing Road, Spring Road, Margham Avenue circuit are a good example, but it can happen any day.

Royston Smith suggests a 20mph speed limit, but I feel this is a poor idea and will do nothing to cure the problem. A waste of time and money. It would be difficult to put a 20 limit on Spring Road anyway, which is a nice straight long speeders road, and if these idiots will speed in a 30 limit, why would they take note of a 20 limit? The only solution is to catch them and ban them. I hope we can get something done before someone is injured or killed.

Name and address supplied.