I AM writing as a resident in Southampton for 60 years after my graduation at the University.

One very obvious and available possibility is for a proper transport Hub in the centre of the city.

Many other cities have this and Bath springs to mind, with its excellent bus station out outside the railway station, and immediate transfer to local buses and taxis.

At present we have nothing similar in Southampton, except scattered buses all over the centre parked on the roadside.

There is no proper protection for passengers and staff, no cafes, toilets, and, very significantly, no visitor information bureau.

The last information bureau (a small shop opposite the civic centre) was closed many years ago, and never replaced.

How are we to expect visitors – whether from cruise ships, casual travellers, or those passing through to the Isle of Wight or New Forest – to experience the various museums and history of this city, or to walk the walls and see the numerous historic buildings in the city if there is no information bureau?

Their footfall and payments could bring welcome income to local businesses.

We have at the present time, a once in a lifetime situation for such a hub in the vacant area of Toys R Us.

It is immediately adjacent to the railway station and existing coach station.

It is large enough for all the facilities outlined above and would provide both information, facilities for passengers and a transport interchange really fit for purpose, instead of the existing scattered bus stops all over various parts of the roads in the city centre.

It would also provide easy access to Marlands and Westquay Shopping centres, as well as the Quays swimming pools.

Can we not press our new council, who say they want to get Southampton moving, to do something about this?

Ian Edwards

Portswood, Southampton