TONY Blair got everything wrong from day one as Prime Minister and it really showed up by the time he finally left office.

The same as Gordon Brown got his sums wrong from day one as chancellor.

Brown was always borrowing money, and used our gold resources to buy euros which dropped in value, very bad signs that showed him up as a bad chancellor.

Now there doesn't seem to be anything in the piggy bank, and personal bankruptcies and repossessions are soaring.

We're in a nightmare position.

The country shouldn't be in this mess as the rest of us I will pay in dearer imports, food, raw materials, everything!

Gordon Brown, first as chancellor and then as Prime Minister must take much of the blame. And it's about time we had an entirely different political party voted in, not the usual three who always get in as first, second and third.

Maybe it will take that for us to get out confidence back.