WHAT is it about not giving Southampton as ice rink? It seems that any other money spending scheme is put forward instead of a much needed recreation facility.

We have cinemas, shops and so many apartments already, so please why not an ice rink?

Our council are proposing a stupid upside down Spitfire costing thousands of pounds.

In Grove (Wantage) there is a superb set on a curved stand lit up at night, which looks marvellous, so why not emulate that?

Come on, Southampton, show some sense and give us what we want.

My children went to the Top Rank ice rink to skate and dance, so don't deny the next generation the same chance. An Olympic size rink to help us train for the Olympic Games is needed very badly.

It's great that Ikea is coming to Southampton but why not to the proposed site near the airport and motorway where Saints once wanted to build their new stadium?

Let's have more common sense from the planners please.

MRS PAYNE, Southampton.