So, the barriers have come down in The Hundred and the 'free for all' has been re-established.

Understandably, pedestrians have got used to having the right of way and at peak times whole families can be seen strolling down the middle of the road.

So what warning has the relevant Authority provided for motorists who feel they must use The Hundred? What extra calming measures have been put in place to reduce their speed? Nothing, that I have noticed. So, in theory, cars can travel at 30 mph along that very hazardous stretch of shared road.

The question remains, however, why do private cars - other than those who require residential access - need to use The Hundred anyway? There are more suitable alternatives to get them to where they want to go, if the signage was made clearer, and the pedestrians, who are being encouraged to frequent the centre of the town, can then be spared the noxious fumes from the car exhausts.

Thinking to the future and bearing in mind planned developments, what do we really want the centre of Romsey to be like? If we keep the traffic out it will not die. Time to debate again?

Michael Bull