IT is now official. Next year Southampton will suffer a cut in real terms in its funding from a Labour Government which continues to transfer money from the south of England to its heartlands in the north.

It is not just a problem for the local authority but one shared by the police, our schools and our health service locally.

All get a rotten deal from Labour and our local Labour MPs. Over the last ten years under funding of the city and poor management by locally by Labour has meant our council tax has more than doubled.

The Conservatives in Southampton have not shied away from firstly challenging the Government on its under funding and secondly from putting forward positive policies locally for the city.

The Government are forcing tough choices on us. Conservatives have made our priorities our clear. These are safer streets, better roads, support to the most vulnerable, improving our local schools and getting value for money for the taxpayer.

JEREMY MOULTON, Conservative prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Southampton Test.