REGARDING the letter titled "Highway code" published on August 7th, many people have a different view of the cycle lanes than Ron Meldrum's.

He says that campaigning by Green groups finally allowed for cycle lanes to be installed making for cleaner air and safer transport.

I don't know which cycle lanes Mr Meldrum is thinking of, but our city's cycle lanes were/are largely devoid of cyclists.

Miles of cycle lanes with no cyclists most of the time.

There may be the occasional cyclist but certainly not enough to to result in cleaner air.

I doubt that many cars were left in the garage in favour of a bike.

The cycle lanes only served to cause more restriction on the remaining part of the road, so the overall result was not cleaner air.

Green policies are to be applauded but not when they're unrealistic.

Don't embrace an idea just because it fits in with the woke ethos of "being green", when it doesn't actually solve the problem.

The cycle lanes were a mistake on several levels.

A poorly conceived and largely unwelcome idea forced on the people of Southampton against their will.

An ego project if ever there was one.

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