Do the Tory MP Royston Smith and local Conservatives here in Southampton know no bounds of hypocrisy? (Recent story of Bitterne Police Station to re-open.) Lets not forget it’s been a Conservative government in control of this country since 2010.

They closed Bitterne Police Station in 2016 as part of the vicious austerity cuts where ordinary families were made to suffer.

It’s been local people who have had to live in fear for the past six years of this Conservative Party’s decisions.

We have seen antisocial behaviour incidents up 50 per cent in the last year alone (police forces in England and Wales records 2020-21).

The Conservatives are soft on crime. Turning a blind eye to antisocial behaviour, drug dealing, and violent crime in our neighbourhoods. They are guilty of letting criminals get away with it. Nothing is more important than keeping families and your neighbourhood safe.

They have failed. And finally people are seeing through your hypocrisy.

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