OVER three decades, as lawyer turned cycling instructor, I've witnessed a change in attitude towards people who've make decision to benefit everyone by walking and cycling rather than using the car for those short trips which make up over half all journeys.

From the '80s hostility of drivers and employers to '00s encouragement and inducements to cycle to work, Covid has brought many benefits in its wake up call for fresh air and active lifestyles.

Young and old have sought cycling lessons like never before yet all cite the need to feel safer on our roadspace.

Southampton City Council had a unique opportunity with Government funding to provide this with cycle lanes on arterial routes such as The Avenue which enabled people to get into and out of town quickly safely and with zero emissions.

WHY would they vote to destroy all this?

What message does it give to our next generation of workers and parents - best to drive kids to school once more and go onto work by car?

I will now only deliver training to young people whose parent is willing to undertake cycling skills training alongside their offspring as someone has to make a stand.

Dilys Gartside