I NOTICE the Institute of Public Policy Research has just issued a report suggesting that council tax should be changed and replaced with a charge of 0.5% of the property value.

This would not only replace council tax but also stamp duty.

This seems very sensible to me and should probably be increased to more than 0.5% and replace the tax increase that the government have just imposed to fund social care.

In the last year property prices have shot up and anyone who is able to afford more expensive houses should also be able to afford an increase in council tax.

It would certainly cost me a lot more which is not unreasonable - but I am now retired and would not be paying anything through the new tax for social care since I no longer work.

This Government is highly unlikely to change the arrangements for council tax since it would hit their voter base more, but if Boris really wants to level-up the country he should bite the bullet and change council tax.

Gerald Ingram

Locks Heath