I am 80-years-old, recently had a hip replacement and am currently awaiting a knee replacement. Crippled with arthritis and in constant pain I am forced to move slowly.

Aldi is my preferred store for quality, price and pleasant, helpful staff. I try to shop there at 8am or 8pm to park near the door.

As shopping is so difficult for me I try to do one big shop. With my mobility problems this can take some time, especially if I forget something and have to go back around the shop. Packing the car also takes me a while plus returning the trolley.

I was horrified to receive notice of a parking fine as I was completely unaware that I had overstayed the allotted time. Shopping is stressful enough without somehow having to keep an eagle eye on the length of time I have been parked. It seems I had over run by 20 minutes.

I live alone and my only income is my pension so even paying the reduced £40 represents a lot of groceries.

There is no possible way I can guarantee completion of my shopping inside an hour. So Aldi will lose a good, regular customer as I am forced to go across town to Sainsbury's or Tesco where the parking limit is less draconian at two hours. I understand that space is limited but it seems sensible to increase the parking time to 90 minutes. Even I can squeak by in that time and Winchester is full of old codgers like me!

Meanwhile I have alerted all my equally ancient friends to this current unfortunate situation.

Freda Bates