IT is so saddening to hear that so many horses have suffered and died at Spindles Farm.

The scenes of starvation and neglect have shocked the nation, but I ask readers to also spare a thought for the other species of animals who are slaughtered for meat every day in the UK.

Ponies are cute and so many people find it unthinkable to kill them, but pigs, chickens and other not-so-cute animals do not want to die for meat either and are killed in their millions.

The reports mention the corpses left under the horses' feet, but dead animals can be seen strewn in factory farms for chickens and turkeys throughout the country.

Let's not forget Hugh Fearnley's recent exposure showing how these animals are forced to live the short few weeks of their lives - in filth, death and disease.

The best thing anyone can do to help animals is to not eat them. See for more information.

ALEXIA WEEKS, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.