AT last somebody has hit the nail on the head regarding the problems with the taxi trade (Letters, May 7).

Karen Rodgers is, I'm sure, not the only one with these feelings about foreign drivers.

Twice recently I have been taken the long way round to my house from Southampton city centre, and when I asked the driver why, I was told he did not understand me, and was not sure where he was going.

Does the council still test taxi drivers or are licences handed out willy-nilly so as not to offend anyone?

I now will choose a driver that looks like he can understand me and knows where he is going, even if I have to wait until one reaches the front of the ranks.

PETER DOFF (by email).

l The city council's licensing team replies: "All Southampton taxi drivers take a written test before they can get on the road. We investigate all complaints, so if passengers have something they would like to tell us about a driver they should contact us with details of the taxi plate number, which is displayed in and outside the vehicle. Call 023 8083 2704 or leave your comments online at"