THE terrible earthquake, tsunami and now radiation threat in Japan have not only caused deaths but large movements of populations.

Yes, we know people come first, but the disaster fund launched by the UK-founded Japan Animal Welfare Society (JAWS) will not take any money away from victims’ charities.

London HQ of JAWS is at 51 Greencoat Place, Victoria, SW1P 1DS and already small and larger rescue groups in Japan are applying to the fund for cash to buy food, blankets to enable them to take in abandoned dogs and cats and some funds forwarded to the Tokyo office to do similarly.

As the organiser of Southampton Support Group for JAWS for the past 40 years, fundraising to help British pedigrees imported (and now all their progeny) as mere status symbols ‘to copy the West’.

The cruelties were unbelievable, but although things have gradually improved, there is still great ignorance of pets needs and little love, with cruelty in abundance.

With more pets in Japan than young children and unenforced cruelty laws, my guess is that probably only 10 per cent of owners have taken pets with them as they’ve fled towns and villages in the beyond-tsunami quake and nuclear zones or even given a second thought to chained dogs or cats in cages left behind. I’m sure many will want to contribute in our area, perhaps a collection between friends or work colleagues.

Four days after the disasters a collection at an SDCA dogtraining session locally, raised £78!

Please help distressed rescued pets in Japan if you possibly can.

MRS S CLAYTON, Southampton.