REGARDING the letter “Our party was not uncontrolled” (Daily Echo May 6) even when the road was packed students were texting and emailing, putting the message on websites to get more people to the party.

The lady sat on steps might have lived in the road and been unable to get through the crowd to her home?

It was the loudness of the music that caused complaints, to which I was a witness and I know one of the club/owners disc jockeys recognised the complainants.

It was the same at the second house where music blasted, no one knew how to quieten it or were not willing to do so. The council and police did get calls about this but there was no one on duty to come out from Noise Nuisance.

Police stated there were 4,000 people in the road and this can be checked by looking at the photos and videos put on websites about the party.

The party litter was not cleared away by the organisers/licence holder and cars/taxis were crunching over broken glass when I was out early on Saturday morning in Newcombe Road. At 7am the council sent out four lorries and at least ten men to work for three hours so the cost of that will use up any contributions given to Oxfam.

Already students are saying they want more such parties and the council needs to use common sense and not issue licences to close roads in student dominated areas.

It was not a party for Newcombe Road as students from all over the city were buying boxes of booze in Bedford Place on their way to the party, ignoring the fact that the whole Polygon is a designated no drinking zone.

I saw students leave the party and empty their bladders in the road and in people’s gardens.

The letter writer says we should be proud, he is half right as the Daily Echo article, photos and videos have made the Polygon famous all over the world.

LORRAINE BARTER, Polygon, Southampton.