THE outcome of the AV vote was not so much of a surprise because Brits just love to complain and yet when given an opportunity for change, they panic.

The Liberal Democrats (led by Nick Clegg) are suffering from the coalition and again the general public don’t, or won’t understand, that they are still a separate political party, and in no way Conservatives.

The Labour result was annoying simply because, no matter how many cover-ups there are, it was under their leadership who so badly managed the economy. And took us into wars where we were not under any threat here.

The Conservatives now have a worrying time, as cutbacks kick in, people losing their jobs, more unemployment and inflation.

But do we want Labour to win the next General Election?

And yet, the Liberal Democrats got a right kicking and the smaller parties, apart from the Greens, have all but disappeared.

I admit to being biased, and ask that readers get involved and rebuild the Lib/Dems to be the largest political party, not a struggling third.