WITH reference to the article on hunting in the New Forest (Daily Echo, October 28), within one week of the ‘Hunting with Hounds’ ban in 2005 the New Forest Hunt admitted to chasing and killing a fox (accidentally?).

Therefore, surely they should have had their licence revoked immediately (but they didn’t)?

They have been fined and cautioned regularly over the last six years, which means they are still breaking the law.

The New Forest is a place of natural beauty of flora and fauna and is one place that should NOT be disturbed by hunting. This is the natural habitat of the fox.

Every year the hunt causes havoc to nesting birds and wildlife in the spring and hibernating reptiles and animals in the autumn.

These hunters are no better than the rioting hooligans in London.

Whereas most rioters are young, unemployed and underprivileged, hunters are usually from an affluent background with good education and should have more sense about the destruction of wildlife.

Are they so pompous that they think there should be one law for the rich and one for the poor?