REGARDING hunting with hounds, as with many laws there are two reasons why it does not work.

One is obviously because people break it, and second is because Government will not fund the police to enforce it.

Hunting is not sport. Being a sportsman or woman means accepting a higher value of fair play.

Forty hounds against one fox does not strike me as fair play. Trampling over farmers’ land doesn’t strike me as fair play.

Both MP Jim Paice, who wants the ban lifted, and the Countryside Alliance need to accept this.

It is outdated and the ban is supported by the majority of the British public.

I would suggest they put their efforts into other traditional sports activities such as archery, normal horse riding, even shooting sports (which is far more instant).

Otherwise they will continue to be seen as upperclass “toffs” by the majority of the public.

DJ COOK, Southampton.