I BELIEVE the Government is intending to adopt an EU-wide law allowing stray dogs and cats to be sent to laboratories for use in experiments.

The Home Office says it won’t happen as the labs will need new licences, but want to bet? Why else would the Government adopt the EU law taking us back to the 1950s?

The latest figures available show 3,727 dogs, 152 cats and 10,138 rabbits were experimented on in 2010, plus large numbers of rodents. These were all purposefully bred. The cruelties are horrific enough when so many alternatives to animal experiments are available, but stray dogs and cats?

The charities are up in arms, but let David Cameron know the strength of public opinion in this matter.

Does he really not know how many of us care about abuse to animals, most especially to pet animals?

SHEILA CLAYTON, Southampton United Animal Charities.