FIFTEEN members of the Alresford Rotary Club spent the day at Perins School, interviewing over a 100 Year 11 students.

The idea was to give the students experience of what to expect when they are interviewed for college places or jobs.

Students had to compile a CV and a letter of application and then attend the interview which lasted for about half an hour.

They were interviewed for a variety of posts such as air traffic controller, marketing assistant and working with children.

The Rotarians provided both verbal and written feedback for the students with the response from the students being very positive.

Tracey Aynsley, from the Vocational Learning Department at Perins, said: “It is important that we prepare our year 11 students for the next stage in their education and as we are a community school, it’s great to have such a useful liaison with the Rotary Club. The Rotary club have a wealth of business experience, and the students really benefit from the support they provide.”