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Man to blame for decline in wildlife all over the world

Daily Echo: One of ten wolves that were released Thursday, Dec. 16, 2004 in a wolf wildlife park in Saint-Martin-Vesubie, southeastern France. The park, named "Alpha Center", is to be inaugurated in April 2005, and will be dedicated to "Wolf and man&qu

5:37pm Thursday 24th July 2014

I FOUND the Echo of July 18 to be one of real interest, re Richard Grant’s letter on Forest pollution.

Disgusted by the greed of bank’s fat cats

Daily Echo: BREAKING NEWS: Police have appealed for information after the glass door at the entrance to the Ammanford branch of Barclays Bank was smashed.

5:36pm Thursday 24th July 2014

TALKING of Barclays Bank (Alan Blandford, July 19), I was so disgusted with the greed of bankers and the proposed closure of Barclays in Portswood (with doubtless loss of jobs and inconvenience for clients), that I left Barclays and went to Nationwide, where there are (correct me if I am wrong) no fat cats.

Worth making a song and dance about

Daily Echo: Young musicians gather at St Mary's Stadium with TV presenter Justin Fletcher to attempt to break the record for a ukulele playing ensemble

5:35pm Thursday 24th July 2014

I MUST congratulate Hampshire Music Service for encouraging more than 2,300 schoolchildren who took ukuleles to St Mary’s Stadium last Friday, in an attempt to beat the world record (currently standing at 2,139) for the greatest number of ukuleles being played in unison at one time and place.

World must face up to problem of over-population

Daily Echo: A picture showing the curvature of the earth taken from the balloon

5:34pm Thursday 24th July 2014

I WOULD like to reply to Mr L A O’Bee’s letter (July 19).

Getting to grips with the power struggle

Daily Echo: OPPORTUNITY: A solar panel farm, which could soon spring up in the North

5:33pm Thursday 24th July 2014

AT LAST one begins to understand Mrs Merkel’s logic in providing huge numbers of ‘free’ solar panels on houses/homes/ offices, bringing more coal-fired power stations on line and ensuring the nuclear power stations are not yet being demolished.

Lumps and bumps still a big problem

Daily Echo: £286k to spend on potholes

5:32pm Thursday 24th July 2014

POTHOLES, lumps and bumps are still a major problem in Southampton.

Velvet a sad loss

Daily Echo: A Velvet bus

5:27pm Thursday 24th July 2014

WE are very sorry the Velvet Bus Co has not been able to carry on providing our local passengers with its friendly service.

Striking teachers will lose day’s pay

Daily Echo: Teachers strike shuts schools

5:26pm Thursday 24th July 2014

LET me reassure Mrs P Coleman (‘Striking teachers should face a fine’ July 18) that all striking teachers will be fined one day’s pay plus pension benefits.

Cyclists should pay tax and insurance

Daily Echo: RIDING HIGH: Cyclists Seth Baum, four, Adrian Carter and Nicola Richardson test one of the new trails near Sutton Bank Picture: Tony Bartholomew

5:25pm Thursday 24th July 2014

 I AM increasingly getting fed up of whingeing cyclists and their constant moaning about other road users.

Angry over ferry ‘greed’

Daily Echo: Red Osprey

2:57pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

I HAD a booking at 10am for a ferry crossing to the Isle of Wight but due to a doctors appointment I had to change my booking. This was changed but I had to pay a charge of £9. Guess what, Red Funnel, you have lost yet another customer due to your greed.

Improve home choices

Daily Echo: Strict new rules are proposed on the use of estate agent boards

2:56pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

WHEN do you ever see a single woman looking to choose her home in an estate agent’s window somewhere nice? It’s usually a couple based on the man’s income.

Roaring success

Daily Echo:

2:54pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to the actors and the orchestra who made The Lion King musical at the Mayflower Theatre such a brilliant and unforgettable show. Don’t miss it – it’s fabulous!

Former students are having a say

Daily Echo:

2:52pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

THE arrogant and ignorant nonsense paraded by the editor of the Daily Echo in his article of July 18 on the sacking of ex-journalist Michael Gove is beautifully encapsulated in his final sentence: “It matters to generations of students, of course, but they don’t get a say.”

No roads dispute over Barton Farm

Daily Echo: Barton Farm

2:51pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

YOUR article published recently entitled “Delay fear for Barton Farm over safety concerns” states that “work on Winchester’s largest housing development for 30 years could be delayed due to a highways dispute”.

EU needs co-operation to work

Daily Echo: The EU affects all of us

12:27pm Tuesday 22nd July 2014

MR. L O’Bee (Letters July 1) says that I live in two worlds, but, as his condescending statement on Mrs Shillabeer amply demonstrates, he lives in a world long since gone.

Time for NATO to make a stand?

Daily Echo: Nato Headquarters (2272131)

12:26pm Tuesday 22nd July 2014

WITH American lives lost in a civil airliner shot down over the Ukraine with weapons that can only have been supplied by Putin’s Russia, surely the time has now come for NATO to offer all the help needed by the Ukrainian government to get rid of all the Russian separatists who are murdering Ukrainians, and Americans now.

Independent Westminster pay rise

Daily Echo: Big Ben chimes as the School Council arrives.

12:26pm Tuesday 22nd July 2014

IN HIS vitriolic letter about UKIP, David Furnell mentions the party’s proposed pay increase for MPs. In keeping with his own Europhile agenda, however, Mr Furnell fails to mention that this increase would apply only to members of an independent Westminster parliament, in the event of democratic self-government actually being restored to this country.

Help needed at diabetes event

Daily Echo: Worsening figures: greater awareness is needed of diabetes, say experts

5:38pm Monday 21st July 2014

WE need your help to find some of the estimated 10,000 people whose health is threatened by undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes in the Solent area.

Bitterne Park is the victim

Daily Echo: Bitterne Park Triangle

5:37pm Monday 21st July 2014

WHY is it that when there is a strike or inclement weather, Bitterne Park suffers more than most?

Cool down over ‘artificial’ windmills

Daily Echo: Outrage over £50m Hampshire windfarm plan

5:35pm Monday 21st July 2014

I’M at a loss to understand the antagonism to the “look” or appearance of the “artificial” windmills.

Is Pollution Levy under threat?

Daily Echo:

5:32pm Monday 21st July 2014

VERY interesting to see that Australia has broken ranks with world governments by performing a U-turn and removing their Pollution Levy which was introduced as a tax to pay for ‘Climate Change’ measures.

Israeli government before the Hague

Daily Echo: Palestinians run for cover from an Israeli strike on Gaza City, Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012.

5:28pm Monday 21st July 2014

I AM just wondering how long it will be before the Israeli government is called to stand before the war crimes tribunal at the Hague for the killing of innocent civilians, as was Slobodan Milosevic and Ratko Mladic for the slaughter in the safe haven of Srebrenica.

City no longer home of ocean sailing

Daily Echo:

5:27pm Monday 21st July 2014

READING that the finish of the Clipper ships’ return was London, can I please ask why our Southampton councillors have no vision?

‘Lost’ children, approach with caution

Daily Echo:

5:21pm Monday 21st July 2014

WITHOUT wishing to take any credit from Councillor Jacqui Rayment for a job well done (Echo, July 16) in the case of the lost child, and I appreciate it must be a parent’s worst nightmare when a child goes missing, I nevertheless question what might be the possible outcome in such a situation should the finder of young “lost” children be an unknown, everyday citizen or man/woman in the street.

Will we get a refund after rubbish strikes?

Daily Echo:

11:06am Friday 18th July 2014

WE are truly disgusted with the latest strike.

Let’s Rock! superb from start to finish

Daily Echo: Let's Rock 2014 on Southampton Common

11:29am Friday 18th July 2014

AFTER working the night on Friday, July 11, my hopper packed with food, hand wipes, deodorant and even loo roll, I set off to meet my sister and her partner on Saturday, July 12 at Southampton Common to watch Let’s Rock!

‘Stand up for your citizens’ Mr Letts

Daily Echo: Council leader Simon Letts.

11:23am Friday 18th July 2014

IN your article “Don’t Cut Our Lifeline” (Daily Echo, July 9), Southampton City Council leader Simon Letts talks about possible closures of Woodside Lodge Care Home for elderly people with dementia and day services for vulnerable adults with learning disabilities.

Saints players merry-go-round

Daily Echo: Les Reed

11:20am Friday 18th July 2014

READING the Daily Echo like I do every night, I saw a comment about Les Reed, a director of Southampton Football Club.

Letters were of very great interest to me

Daily Echo: Daily Echo

11:18am Friday 18th July 2014

I JUST have to convey my thanks to your newspaper. Not often, I must say, do I read so many items of interest in the Southern Daily Echo, but on Saturday, July 5 there were lots of items which were of particular interest to me.

Why doesn’t paying double make up for missing a month of council tax?

Daily Echo: Southampton Civic Centre home of the cash-strapped city council

11:16am Friday 18th July 2014

I'M CONFUSED! I missed a council tax payment in May, but paid two instalments in June.

Forest pollution?

Daily Echo: New Forest at your finger tips: how a new app is helping visitors make the most of the national park

11:13am Friday 18th July 2014

WE have had cases of dogs dying after been taken for walks within the New Forest, people being seriously ill after charity events involving water, schoolchildren with tummy bugs and a lack of wildlife such as rabbits, squirrels, birds, bees and even deer.

‘Striking teachers should face a fine . . .”

Daily Echo: Teachers on a protest march in Southampton during strike action

11:02am Friday 18th July 2014

I TRUST that all teachers who went out on strike will be fined for disrupting children’s education?

Why must we be ‘made’ in the city?

Daily Echo: Rowenna Davis

10:49am Friday 18th July 2014

AM I the only person beginning to feel like a slightly second-class Southampton resident by Councillor Royston Smith’s “Made in Southampton” theme?

‘Ugly monstrosities’ should be called wind factories

Daily Echo: FARM BOOST: a wind turbine can provide a guaranteed source of income

7:23pm Thursday 17th July 2014

 I WONDER why “wind farms” are so called?

Driver course not worth the lost day

Daily Echo: Busiest speed camera in bournemouth

7:27pm Thursday 17th July 2014

 I RECENTLY committed a serious crime; not mugging somebody – I would only receive a police caution for that, as once happened in Winchester.

GM animals still suffer just as much

Daily Echo: More than 50 protesters from the Anti Vivisection Coalition gathered outside the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control

7:25pm Thursday 17th July 2014

WHEN this Government came to power it pledged to reduce the number of animals used in vivisection.

Winchester's Holiday Inn has one of the best restaurants in the world

Daily Echo: Traditional Christmas Party Nights at Holiday Inn London-Elstree

7:22pm Thursday 17th July 2014

AS A frequent business visitor to the beautiful city of Winchester I was very grateful to Bunty, Squiffy and Miffy (or whatever they were called) of the MG Owners Club rally for taking up all of the rooms in my usual hotel.

Let’s Rock a great way to step back in time

Daily Echo: Let's Rock 2014 on Southampton Common

7:18pm Thursday 17th July 2014

THANK you Southampton and to the organisers of Let’s Rock for bringing yet another great line-up of acts together to entertain a crowd of approximately 10,000 ’80s music fans.

A ‘Fantastic Day’ on the Common

Daily Echo: Let's Rock 2014 on Southampton Common

7:17pm Thursday 17th July 2014

IN THE words of Nick Heyward, what a “Fantastic Day” it was on Saturday on The Common.

No wonder cyclists are unpopular

Daily Echo:

7:19pm Thursday 17th July 2014

READING a recent letter about the Sky Ride in Southampton, it reads as though the footpath past the duck pond (Cemetery Lake) on the Common was used as part of the cycle route. This path was narrowed several years ago, and designated a footpath, so should certainly not have been part of the cycle route. If it was, complaints should be made to the Council.

Well done to our city’s park keepers

Daily Echo: Palmerston Park, Southampton

6:57pm Wednesday 16th July 2014

WELL done to Southampton’s park keepers. A recent letter to the Daily Echo, bemoaned the state of Southampton's open spaces, that they compared unfavourably with other areas.

New president to carry on our club’s good work

Daily Echo: Southern Daily Echo

7:00pm Wednesday 16th July 2014

EARLIER this month, the Rotary Club of Southampton East welcomed a new president, John Baker.

Looking back may be best way forward for safer bus travel

Daily Echo: Bus driver hurt as he fights off knifepoint robber

6:56pm Wednesday 16th July 2014

MRS B Dean’s letter (Daily Echo July 12) raised an interesting point regarding safety on buses.

Wake up, smell the coffee

Daily Echo: Southampton Civic Centre

5:20pm Tuesday 15th July 2014

COUNCILLORS Don Thomas and Keith Morrell need to smell the coffee. Southampton City Council has a large financial black hole to fill.

A cash cushion for misbehaving MPs

Daily Echo: House of Commons: voted to ban smoking in cars carrying children

5:17pm Tuesday 15th July 2014

APPARENTLY all is not completely lost for MPs who misbehave and lose the support of their parties.

Park has first class planning committee

Daily Echo: Become a volunteer and explore parts of the New Forest you never knew existed...

5:16pm Tuesday 15th July 2014

RICHARD Grant (Letters, July 9) complains about the composition of the New Forest national park planning authority. He pronounces that its members aren’t local enough.

Not a true Sotonian

Daily Echo: Rowenna Davis

5:19pm Tuesday 15th July 2014

WHY do Rowenna Davis’s supporters try to portray her as a Sotonian? She’s not.

Strike ‘a gift’ to Coalition

Daily Echo: Teachers on a protest march in Southampton during strike action

2:51pm Monday 14th July 2014

 WITH the greatest of respect to all those who decided to go on strike, it is a gift to the Conservative Party and Liberal Coalition, proving that left-wing politics destroys our country.

UKIP’s 30% tax rate proposal

Daily Echo: UKIP logo  (8023933)

2:50pm Monday 14th July 2014

D R SMITH getting it wrong again (Daily Echo June 28).

Please don’t close down this vital care home

Daily Echo: Southern Daily Echo

2:06pm Monday 14th July 2014

SO the council has a £30m black hole and now, with the possible closure of Woodside Lodge Care Home, specialising in dementia care (Daily Echo July 8) they want to create another!

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