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Let’s celebrate our confident Englishness

Daily Echo: Southampton Itchen MP John Denham

4:35pm Wednesday 23rd April 2014

AT the climax of today’s St George’s Day festival, hundreds of people will celebrate the community groups who make this great English city a good place to live. Like many people, I’ve always felt proud to be English, and I’m proud to be at the heart of today’s festival. But we English haven’t always bothered much with our national day. We left that to the Irish, the Scots and the Welsh.

Base arguments on facts, not just hot air

Daily Echo: Southern Daily Echo

4:39pm Wednesday 23rd April 2014

MR Butler’s advice that I should take up some local charity work shows him to be as misinformed as usual.

Tory policies playing part in desperation of poverty

Daily Echo: Cllr Royston Smith

4:38pm Wednesday 23rd April 2014

IS Royston Smith so out of touch with the people that he purports to serve and wants to serve, that he does not understand or have a clue what is going on in Southampton, let alone the rest of the country?

Cost of planned tribute leaves me shuddering

Daily Echo: Spitfire memorial.JPG

4:38pm Wednesday 23rd April 2014

THE £100,000 feasibility study funded by the city council for a Spitfire memorial to be placed on the waterfront not only shows how expensive such studies are but shows a lack of foresight, as a new fund is now required to study the proposed new site.

Don’t run away from the EU, make it work for us

Daily Echo: Common sense or Common Market?

4:37pm Wednesday 23rd April 2014

I READ that the Irish economy is on the mend, and no longer has any need for funding from the EU.

We must not use poisons that will kill rats’ predators

Daily Echo: Rats as big as cats spotted in Southampton

4:36pm Wednesday 23rd April 2014

HAVING read the story about rats and the need for stronger poison – I understand this poison can be used indoors and it is only outdoor use that is currently prohibited.

Pool issue laudable but pair need to see bigger picture

Daily Echo: Councillors Keith Morrell and Don Thomas

4:35pm Wednesday 23rd April 2014

WHILST few people would question the sincerity of Councillor D Thomas, and Mr Morrell, there are many, including myself, who would question their priorities.

Sharing the pride of our city’s bin men

Daily Echo: Row as council launches hunt for more binmen

5:39pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

ON Good Friday I got up at 5am and went to do a shift with Southampton’s bin men. It’s not often you see a female politician in a high-vis vest and steelcapped boots walking into the City Depot, so I got a few laughs.

Great progress made on and off the field

Daily Echo: Picture from the Skrill Conference South match in which Eastleigh beat Basingstoke Town and became champions.

5:34pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

AS some of you will already know, Eastleigh Football Club have been promoted to the Conference National (one division below the Football League), a promotion they achieved in their ninth season of Conference South football, having in the previous eight seasons twice been beaten in the two-legged play-off semi-final despite winning the away leg by two clear goals.

Tories’ election pledges just don’t add up

Daily Echo: Tory opposition leader Royston Smith

5:37pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

HAVING just received from the Conservative Party their latest election leaflet that had on it five pledges – upon further examination and doing some research, I seriously wonder if they have costed the pledges out, and it was strange that they never bothered to make an alternative budget at the budget-setting meeting of Southampton City Council.

Thanks for your help in creating bear sanctuary

Daily Echo: Southern Daily Echo

5:37pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

I WOULD like to thank the people of Winchester once more for the support they have given to Animals Asia Foundation when we held our two events at Winchester’s St Maurice’s Covert recently.

Astonishing idea that £12m cuts could benefit fire service

Daily Echo: Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service attending a blaze in Southampton

5:36pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

I NOTICE that a report in the Echo states that another £12m worth of cuts are proposed for the fire service in Hampshire.

Who were Eastleigh post-war town team?

Daily Echo: Southern Daily Echo

5:32pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

BORN in 1936 in Eastleigh’s Factory Road – now a part of the Swan development – I used to go to Dew Lane to see the Pirelli works team play after the war but I have no memories of a town team.

By George, would Thomas be better as patron saint?

Daily Echo: 'St George' is ready for action at The Bargate

5:32pm Tuesday 22nd April 2014

I WONDER if the fact that our patron saint St George is not celebrated as fervently as the Scots, Irish and Welsh celebrate theirs may have something to do with the fact the St George wasn't English.

Perhaps we should turn back school clock

Daily Echo: Teachers on a protest march in Southampton during strike action

4:48pm Monday 21st April 2014

YES, what a disgrace when teachers went on strike – they should have been flogged and then imprisoned – and if that did not teach them a lesson, sent to Australia on a steam ship!

Disappointments at return to St Mary’s

Daily Echo: Pictures from the Barclays Premier League match Saints v Cardiff City at St Mary's Stadium. The unauthorised downloading, editing, copying, or distribution of this image is strictly prohibited.

4:47pm Monday 21st April 2014

FOR the second time in recent years I travelled down to Southampton on Saturday to meet up with three ex-colleagues (all Saints fans) before the game. After a few beers we all walked to the ground.

More homes would cause traffic chaos

Daily Echo: WHAT GOES UP: Developers have been told not to neglect building roads and pavements.

4:46pm Monday 21st April 2014

Do our planning chiefs have any regard for the welfare of local residents?

More measures for drivers and cyclists

Daily Echo: LAW BREAKER: A cyclist passes a pedestrian on the pavement

4:40pm Monday 21st April 2014

DRIVERS who park their car partly on the pavement are now considered to have committed an offence.

We need to stay in the EU for port’s trading

Daily Echo: WORLD LEADING: The port of Southampton.

4:39pm Monday 21st April 2014

I READ Leslie O’Bee’s letter (April 7) with his obvious support for Nigel Farage, the Arthur Daley of politics.

Less than a tenth of UK GDP is from EU

Daily Echo: FLYING THE FLAG: An in or out referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the European Union is likely in the next parliament

4:37pm Monday 21st April 2014

In his long and virulent attack on LA O’Bee and UKIP (Letters, April 10), DR Smith twice throws in the word “empire”, so desperate is he to imply that anyone critical of the European Union must be stuck in the past.

Bought bus passes can be used on all the services

Daily Echo: Pensioner campaigners hit back at calls to scrap bus passes

4:36pm Monday 21st April 2014

THE person who wrote the letter about purchased bus passes needs to get his or her facts right before putting pen to paper.

I'm scared foreigners are trying to get revenge for the Crusades

Daily Echo: Image for French Matters

4:34pm Thursday 17th April 2014

It would appear from media reports that France is continuing to fail to process the people who have allegedly entered France illegally, and those same people are now holed up in the area of Calais, prior to attempting to illegally enter the U.K. and, at the same time, we are being told of schools being allegedly infiltrated and turned into Madrassas and providing a bias towards Islamic beliefs and failing to give a ‘proper education’.

A dangerous fantasy?

Daily Echo: Redditch MP backs EU referendum bill

4:32pm Thursday 17th April 2014

ONCE again Richard Grant, of Burley, trots out scaremongering nonsense about “millions of jobs at risk if Britain leaves the EU” (letter, April 5). We had enough of that monotonous drone from Nick Clegg in the two TV debates, desperately trying to create a climate of fear.

Nest eggs return

Daily Echo: A great tit

4:30pm Thursday 17th April 2014

I wrote to the Daily Echo last year to say that I did not have a single bird to nest in one of my ten nest boxes, the first time in 49 years.

OAPs are not all rich

Daily Echo: The Government’s proposals include a single flat-rate state pension, equivalent to around £144 in today’s money, to be introduced for new pensioners from 2017

4:29pm Thursday 17th April 2014

I WOULD like to air my remarks concerning claims of many OAPs being rich.

What happened to new West End golf course?

Daily Echo: Local golf

11:33am Wednesday 16th April 2014

I AM a resident of West End and have watched the “progress” of the golf course adjacent to The Ageas Bowl.

Riders shouldn't go against the flow

Daily Echo: CYCLING: Three wheels success

11:32am Wednesday 16th April 2014

IN response to the letter concerning West Park Road, Southampton, it just goes to show that these cyclists don’t care about riding against the flow of traffic.

Recycling success

Daily Echo: REPRIEVE: The Llangadog waste and recycling centre will now remain open for the next 12 months.

11:31am Wednesday 16th April 2014

I WAS pleased to see how many bottles and jars had been put aside by local households for the new kerbside glass collection the other day. This form of recycling appears to be a great success.

Putin shaping up to be a nasty dictator

Daily Echo: PRESIDENT PUTIN: Who is to blame over the Ukraine crisis?

11:30am Wednesday 16th April 2014

I DO hope if the population of Britain have a grievance with David Cameron and the Government they have second thoughts and appreciate the freedom we have after the lies, thuggery and intimidation the Russian president Putin has ordered his “militia army” to inflict on the innocent people of Ukraine.

Little chance of full employment

Daily Echo: Chancellor George Osborne

11:41am Tuesday 15th April 2014

CHANCELLOR George Osborne, pictured, said in a speech that he was still working towards achieving full employment eventually.

Well played, Sholing FC!

Daily Echo: Eastbourne v Sholing in the second leg of the FA Vase Semi Final

11:40am Tuesday 15th April 2014

HEARTY congratulations to Sholing FC for doing something Saints could not accomplish this season – play at Wembley.

You can’t blame it all on the council!

Daily Echo: UNDER THREAT: Eastleigh Police Station.

11:39am Tuesday 15th April 2014

LAST November I wrote protesting about a letter from someone trying to pin the blame on Eastleigh Borough council for all sorts of things which were not its responsibility (congestion on Fair Oak Road in Bishopstoke and a shortage of doctors’ surgeries).

Labour candidate selection was fair

Daily Echo: Rowenna Davis

4:48pm Thursday 10th April 2014

CLLR Don Thomas claims (Letters, April 5) that Rowenna Davis, the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Itchen was “shoehorned in”.

‘They are not all the same’

Daily Echo: Councillors Keith Morrell and Don Thomas

4:49pm Thursday 10th April 2014

SO here we go, the 2014 local election campaign is about to begin; the likelihood is even though you may not be that satisfied thinking they are all the same you have already made up your mind?

Where EU is concerned cooperation is better than confrontation

Daily Echo: Chamber of the European Parliament in Strasbourg (4080325)

4:47pm Thursday 10th April 2014

MR L A O’BEE’s last two letters (April 1 and April 2), is but a continuation of the tiresome pejorative opinions he has of our fellow members of the EU.

Nice to see you, to see you nice!

Daily Echo: Sir Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly in the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special

4:46pm Thursday 10th April 2014

I HEAR that Sir Bruce Forsyth is to relinquish his job as being one of the hosts on the “Strictly Come Dancing” series on the BBC.

The cost of EU membership

Daily Echo: EU deserves the Nobel prize

4:39pm Thursday 10th April 2014

DAVID Harrison airily accuses me of “repeating a false and misleading statistic” when I state that the UK hands over £55m a day to the EU (Letters, March 27).

Parking is the key to helping shopping area

Daily Echo: Bitterne Park Triangle

4:38pm Thursday 10th April 2014

DESPITE being late to reply I must congratulate Peter Baillie on his excellent letter regarding the shops in Bitterne Park Triangle.

Lunch club success

Daily Echo: Southern Daily Echo

4:35pm Thursday 10th April 2014

THE Unitarians are delighted to say the lunch club for the homeless has been running for four weeks and is well attended and provides a place where homeless folk meet and chat and drink soup and eat sandwiches.

There should be some sort of rider responsibility with mobility scooters

Daily Echo: An image of the type of moped

4:34pm Thursday 10th April 2014

THE subject of mobility scooters really is an emotive one and one should tread carefully when condemning outright those people who really find the use of such modes of transport an absolute lifeline.

Bus pass lets me live – but cuts may trap me in city

Daily Echo: Take to twitter to discuss issues about First Bus services

4:21pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

DURING the last ten years I have fractured my leg, had breast cancer and taken voluntary redundancy (ie, one year’s small salary).

Some of our democracies were former dictatorships

Daily Echo: FLYING THE FLAG: An in or out referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the European Union is likely in the next parliament

4:03pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

COLIN Smith (Letters, March 26) asserts that ‘EU has nothing to do with peace in Europe’.

Let our children go on holiday when they can!

Daily Echo: A recent poll found that 51 per cent of parents of children under the age of 18 questioned, would take their offspring out of school during term time if by doing so they could get a significantly cheaper holiday

4:01pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

IT IS disgraceful that the Government is meddling with our holidays.

Has channel dredging been cause of the mystery hum?

Daily Echo: How the new deep-sea container berth will look with a vessel alongside

3:59pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

READING the article (Daily Echo, April 1) about the new container berth, a few words jumped out of the page, “ongoing dredging”.

Butt out and pick on others’ filthy habits

Daily Echo: Someone smoking a cigarette

3:58pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

WITH reference to your letters recently regarding smoking, I would like to tell all these anti-smokers to butt out and stop trying to control us.

What price letter delivery?

Daily Echo: Hundreds of city staff to get Royal Mail shares

3:52pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

ROYAL MAIL has announced the loss of 1,600 jobs in a cost-cutting plan to save £50m. Another way of saving would be to stop delivering letters to all parts of the country for the same price.

Utility companies should be billed for bad roads

Daily Echo: Roadworks on Archers Road, Southampton

3:52pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

IS IT just me or are the majority of pot holes and damage to our roads and pavements at areas that have been dug up?

Time that we had bus service to Lepe beach

Daily Echo: A Bluestar bus.

3:47pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

THE exploitation of car parking at Lepe beach has spoilt it.

EU’s not Enid Blyton

Daily Echo: Redditch MP backs EU referendum bill

3:42pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

WITH reference to your “The end of the week” editorial, I usually agree with 95 per cent of what you say.

Too many signs cause the crashes

Daily Echo: The new cycle-friendly junction on the Itchen Bridge/Central Bridge intersection in Southampton

11:36am Wednesday 9th April 2014

I RECENTLY attended a conference where one speaker, Professor Guilliaume Thierry of Bangor University, was talking about perception.

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