VILLAGERS are angry that the organisers of a music festival have avoided prosecuting after breaking licensing conditions.

Winchester City Council has issued a warning to Boomtown after the music event held at Cheesefoot Head last August One Cheriton villager, who asked not to be named, said: “My wife and I were kept awake until 2am; it should not happen. It is the council’s job to enforce conditions and take action if the conditions are breached.”

He said he was unhappy about the council press release which said there had only been one complaint on the evening.

“I know several people complained the following day. I have been told there were 78 but I can’t verify that. The council stance is not very helpful or sympathetic to residents.”

Parish council including Tichborne have been considering whether to make a formal complaint to the city council.

A council spokeswoman said there were 26 complaints over the whole event and 54 calls to the council hotline.

She added: “We have to weigh up what will have the most impact. We thought it best to give a formal warning. We have to balance the costs in taking any further action.”

But she indicated the council was set to take a tougher stance: “We thought the right thing was to give a warning so if anything happens in future we will definitely go for a more formal approach.”

Boomtown and landowner Peveril Bruce, of the Matterley Estate, were asked for comment but neither had returned our calls by the time of going to press.