ST CROSS Road residents were basking in the glow of victory on Saturday.

It may have taken well over a year, and it might not be quite ready, but the pedestrian crossing at St Cross Road and Stanmore Lane was something worth celebrating.

Matt Nisbet and his wife Ros hosted the party at their home on St Cross Road. Mr Nisbet said: “We wanted to say thank you to all the people who have made this happen. It wouldn’t have happened without people like Steve (Brine, MP) or Brian (Collin, city councillor) but we also wanted to say thank you to our neighbours.

“I’m really pleased the council has recognised the importance of this. And I think there is a really nice sense of community in St Cross and that’s why the campaign worked so well.”

In July 2011 the Hampshire Chronicle reported how angry residents gathered for a meeting at St Faith’s Primary School and put their concerns to Hampshire County Council. They said the existing traffic light crossing did not provide enough time for people to cross, and that drivers often jumped the lights. Of particular concern was that the crossing was used by many children from St Faith’s Primary and Kings' School.

But the county council said there was no budget for a new crossing, which they estimated could cost £100, 000.

MP Steve Brine then lent his weight to the campaign. Speaking at the party, he said he was satisfied by the outcome but felt it should never have taken as long as it did. He said: “Once we got the go-ahead things moved quickly, but the whole campaign has taken far too long because the junction was very obviously dangerous.”

Mother of three, Charlotte Buchanan, 41, of Whiteshute Lane, said: “You do rather take your life in your hands at the moment with the crossing. I think it’s great news but it will be even better when the new crossing is actually finished!”

Cllr Ian Tait, also at the party, insisted the credit lies with the residents. He said: “I remember canvassing Ros last year and she gave me quite an interesting debate on the doorstep and later fired off an email to me about the dangers of that road. Ros has been quite remarkable in driving all this.”