Daily Echo: Titanic and Southampton

Daily Echo: Titanic in Southampton

The Southern Daily Echo and its sister-publications in the region were established long before the time of the Titanic.

Below are a selection of stories from the newspapers' archives about Titanic, written and published around the time of its launch, news items about the doomed maiden voyage as well as the very latest stories concerning artefacts and the wreckage itself, as well as efforts to commemorate the tragedy in and around her home port, Southampton.

You can also take a tour of Southampton to find out which places played a key role in the Titanic story.

Titanic News

The latest Titanic-related news headlines, from news about the wreck to how the tragedy is being commemorated or information on artefacts rescued from the ship.

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Daily Echo: The latest news about the wreck of Titanic, artefacts and memorials concerning the vessel.

Titanic Features and Archives

Features about the legacy of the Titanic and the impact it had upon Southampton and its citizens. We also have small samples of some of the contemporary reports of the tragedy, from the Southern Daily Echo and sister publications from the time.

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Daily Echo: Original reports from the Southern Daily Echo, Southampton Pictorial and Hampshire Independent from 1912

Commonly asked questions about Titanic and Southampton

Daily Echo: Frequently Asked Questions asked about Titanic and Southampton.

If you want to learn more about the Titanic disaster, and how it relates to Southampton, take a look at our Titanic Questions and Answers section.

Answers include why the ship sank, how many people died on Titanic, and what happened to the sister ships.

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