THE hit TV show Fat Friends from award-winning Kay Mellor has burst onto the stage in a brand new musical with a star-studded cast - and the X Factor 2013 winner Sam Bailey is loving every minute of it.

The show, which stars the likes of cricket legend Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff, I’d Do Anything winner Jodie Prenger, Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton and soap favourites Kevin Kennedy and Natalie Anderson with music by Nick Lloyd Webber, has a week long-run at Mayflower Theatre from February 5.

Sam, who plays Betty in the show, said: “There is so much that people will relate to in this show. It’s so funny and the show is so much fun. When you watch the show, people will see qualities that they recognise and relate to themselves. So many people out there have been on diets and to slimming clubs and fitness classes and they will have so much in common with one or more of the characters on stage.

“The music for this show is just phenomenal and everyone is going to love it, I just know it. I have cried on stage during the show in moments where I needed to but that was without even really acting it, I’ve just felt it and I know that the audience is going to be sobbing, especially if you are a mum! But there are some really funny bits, really funny stuff, some of the characters are hilarious.

The last song of the show is called Love Who You Are and that’s the whole message of the show; love who you are, accept who you are and just be confident in who you are in. It’s a great ending and a fun song as well!

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