Hampshire residents have come together in Southampton to protest Donald Trump's travel ban.

People gathered outside Southampton's civic centre last night to oppose the ban which has attracted widespread criticism.

The ban has stopped nationals from seven countries from entering the US, in which the nations are predominantly of Muslim faith.

Southampton and Itchen MP Royston Smith has also criticised Trump, saying on social media that he has met his very low expectations.

Martin Walker, 53, from Totton said: "It's about sending the message that there is opposition out there. He's shaking the tree and dismantling the constitution.

"America is transforming from a democracy into a dictatorship."

The protest follows a petition calling for President Trump's invitation to a state visit to be revoked.

Daily Echo:

Conservative MP Steve Brine's Winchester constituency has the highest number of signatories so far, with 3,210 residents joining more than 1.4 million in signing the petition.

How many people signed up from your constituency?