LANDOWNERS have launched legal action against travellers on their site.

As reported, a large group of travellers set up camp on Millbrook Recreation Ground on Wednesday night.

Millbrook ward councillor Steven Galton told the Daily Echo that they are only due to stay for a couple of days, whilst a young child undergoes major surgery at the General Hospital.

Active Nation, who manage the land, have began the legal process and issued a letter in person to them.

Police visited the site with Active Nation yesterday morning, to continue the process.

A spokesperson for the Southampton City Council said: “Active Nation were advised by Southampton City Council’s Parks Team yesterday morning (April 11) that travellers had entered the site.

“They immediately instigated legal process to remove the travellers and issued a letter in person to them, requesting their immediate vacation of the area.

“The letter highlighted the impact their presence was having on local sport and recreation activities.

“They have continued the process of removing travellers, and this morning (April 12) attended the site with the presence of police.

“The charity has initiated discussions with Court Enforcement Services who will support and aid the next stage should the encampment fail to adhere to the instructions received .”