HAMPSHIRE wildlife expert Chris Packham has raised £2,550 by auctioning a piece of wood with a penis drawn on it.

The phallic symbol was sent to his New Forest home as part of a hate campaign which began after his Wild Justice group launched a legal challenge against the shooting of bird species regarded as pests.

Mr Packham decided to auction the piece of wood on eBay.

His post jokingly described the item as: "A unique wooden plinth/plaque dating from 2019 inscribed with a simple motif, featuring a two-headed tadpole."

Money raised by the sale will go to Wild Justice.

As reported in the Daily Echo, dead crows were left hanging outside Mr Packham's home after his legal challenge resulted in a ban on shooting pigeons and other birds.

Action by Wild Justice resulted in Natural England revoking "general licences" which allowed farmers to kill 16 bird species regarded as pests.

Natural England has said it will look to introduce "alternative measures" allowing the lawful control of birds to continue. Until then people will have to apply for an individual licence.

Reacting to the move, a Wild Justice spokesman said: "What sort of world is it where the statutory body with responsibility for wildlife protection is operating a bird-killing licensing scheme that is unlawful?

"Millions of birds are killed each year under the terms of the general licences and many of these deaths will not be justified.

"We are grateful to over 1,100 individuals who funded this legal challenge and allowed us to take it with the means to progress it through the courts."