CANNABIS plants were among a large number of items dumped by fly-tippers at a beauty spot in the New Forest.

More than 30 sacks of waste left beside the B3054 near Lymington were removed in a two-day operation thought to have cost taxpayers at least £350.

It comes just days after fly-tippers in the Forest struck three times within 24 hours.

Soil, old furniture and the remains of a fibreglass boat were found at separate locations in the north of the district by rangers from the National Trust, which owns several commons in the area.

One of the loads was left in a car park at Rockford Common and unwanted furniture was dumped at locations in Bramshaw including Penn Common.

Daily Echo:

The latest incident has sparked fury on social media, with villagers vowing to help track down the culprits.

A huge pile of waste dumped in a ditch at Crockford Clump, between Lymington and Beaulieu, was found on Saturday by staff from Forestry England,

A spokesperson said: "The waste amounted to more than 30 large bags and included off-cuts from cannabis plants along with radiators, heaters and fans.

“Forestry England’s waste contractor began to remove it on Sunday but it was a larger than average fly-tip and required a second vehicle to clear the remainder yesterday.

"Any evidence found in the clear-up process will be shared with police.”

Daily Echo:

Asked about the cost of removing the rubbish the spokesperson said: "A large fly-tip such as this one requires several vehicles and disposal costs are significantly high - approximately £350 plus VAT.

"The scale and cost is considerable but our funds are limited.

“There's been an increase in the dumping of hazardous waste, which in turn increases the amount we have to spend on clearing away rubbish.

"Our data also indicates there are clusters of incidents in Forest car parks and we're working closely with the New Forest District Council and Hampshire police to focus resources on these hotspots.”

One of the people who took to social media following the Crockford Clump incident said the rubbish included garden waste and garden nutrients.

She added: "It suggests a landscape or possibly rogue gardener. I'm going to try and track down the the suppliers of this project to see if we can get any leads."

Another person posted: "That blend of fertiliser is for intensely planted hanging baskets , tubs etc, where much flower and bloom is required but little leafy growth.

"It's a specialised product for a specialist application, if that's any help."

One of the other contributors to the page said: "The courts need to have the power to permanently revoke the driving licence of anyone caught doing this.

"If that happens to destroy their business even better. At least it will mean that if they want to fly-tip again they will have to walk to do it."

Anyone with information can contact Forestry England on 0300 067 4601.