MASKED men raided a Hampshire football stadium using a wheelie bin to carry goods in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

CCTV footage shows three men breaking the front door of the shop area at around 3am of Silverlake Stadium, home to Eastleigh FC, on Stoneham Lane.

This is the second time in 12 days that the stadium has been broken into. 

Three men enter the stadium and begin searching for items to steal. 

They then bring in a wheelie bin which is believed to be used to carry goods out of the shop. 

It is not yet known what was taken from the stadium, but it is understood that poppy appeal charity boxes were taken.

The CCTV footages shows the men in the shop for more than two minutes and captures them entering a back office after many attempts of kicking down the door.

One man is also seen taking caned drinks from the fridge before beckoning the other two thieves and fleeing the shop with the wheelie bin in tow. 

It is reported that "significant damage" has been caused by the break-in. 

In a Tweet, Eastleigh FC said: "[Twelve] days ago we were broken into.

"Last night, it happened again.

"There has been significant damage caused, with our poppy appeal boxes having been taken.

"Someone out there knows these people. Please retweet to get these thieves caught."

A spokesman from Hampshire Police said: "We received a report at 2.54am this morning of a break-in at Eastleigh Football Club.

"Damage was caused to an office door.

"Nothing has been reported stolen at this time.

"Part of the investigation will look at whether there are links to any other incidents."

On October 24, three maksed men armed with tools raided the stadium at around 3.30am.