IT IS one of the worst roads in the New Forest for animal accidents.

But that did not stop one motorist from hurtling along the B3078 Roger Penny Way at 84mph - more than twice the speed limit - in an uninsured car.

The dark-coloured BMW was seized by police and the driver is due to appear in court.

Hampshire Specials tweeted a picture of the car and said: “This vehicle was just clocked at 84mph on a dark 40mph New Forest road with a high animal accident rate. Not only that, the driver had no insurance.”

The New Forest National Park Authority posted: “That is a shocking speed for any road, let alone a Forest one.”

New Forest Roads Campaign spokeswoman Gilly Jones added: “They may lose their license for a while, which may be difficult for them, but how life changing would it have been if they’d hit an animal at 84 mph?

“We would be talking about a very different story.”

Ms Jones said tickets were issued to three other drivers after they were caught travelling along Roger Penny Way at 59mph, 60mph and 62mph.

She added: “This shows that some people are still not getting the message.

“Large signs are put out on high-risk routes but some don’t take notice. Some just don’t care, some live in an ‘it will never happen to me’ world.

“The (40mph) limit was introduced to reduce animal accidents. How we reach the people who still think it’s acceptable to speed we just don’t know.”

Villagers in the Forest are calling for the worst offenders to be jailed.

One of the people who took to social media in the wake of the latest speed checks called for speed cameras to be installed on the B3078 and another high-risk route, the B3054.