PLANS to move a "noisy" council depot have been revived in a scheme which could cost as much as £5m.

New Forest District Council is drawing up proposals to shut the Claymeadow depot in Hounsdown Avenue, Totton, and replace it with a new facility seven miles away on the Hardley Industrial Estate.

Claymeadow, which is home to dustbin lorries and other council vehicles, is surrounded by houses and is also near Hounsdown School.

Daily Echo:

A previous plan to relocate the depot sparked fears for the future of neighbouring Hounsdown Community Hall, which is also on council-owned land.

Now the authority has resurrected the proposal - but says it is not expected to affect the hall.

Chris Noble, the council's waste and transport service manager, said: "Our depot in Hounsdown hosts several important services including refuse and recycling collection, grounds maintenance and street cleansing.

“The depot is located on the edge of a residential area and we are considering a move to a more suitable and appropriate location.

“We signed a new lease on the Hounsdown Community Hall in 2019 and do not anticipate an impact on the hall as a result of a depot move.”

Totton councillor David Harrison welcomed the proposal, saying it would end a noise nuisance suffered by locals and remove council lorries from a route taken by schoolchildren.

He added that the land currently occupied by the depot could be used to provide much-needed housing.

Writing on social media one of the people living near the site said: "I'm so looking forward to not being woken up by the reversing alarms of refuse trucks in the early hours of every morning."

Daily Echo:

A report to the council's ruling cabinet said the potential cost of relocating Claymeadow could be £5m.

Six years ago the authority described the depot as “well below ideal operational standards” as well as being close to homes and a school.

But plans to relocate the facility were shelved in 2016.

Speaking at the time a council spokesman said: “The depot is home to a number of services. We have been looking at the needs of these services and a different depot site is considered to be the best option.

“The project has been put on hold while we review each of the services so we can provide them in the best way possible.”