A TEST Valley woman has hit out a group of people claiming she witnessed them "poaching fish" from a lake in Rownhams.

Kay Collings vented her anger at the trio after she spotted them reeling in a fish and storing it "in a black backpack" beside Lakeside Avenue.

Now the 58-year-old has revealed she fears the fish supply could be wiped out in the lake after seeing "three fish poached" in one month.

Daily Echo:

Kay, who lives in Lakeside Avenue, said: "It makes me feel really angry because we are really lucky to have that lake here in the cul-de-sac and we all take care of it.

"They started to come at the beginning of lockdown almost every day where they were turning up at half five in the morning.

"I saw them catch a carp, put it in a backpack and one of them walked off with the bag possibly to their vehicle; a few minutes later he arrived back with an empty bag.

"I firmly believe they take the fish and eat them for their dinner or they are selling them, so if they carry on doing it they will deplete all of the fish.

"When there are six of them out there in force it isn't nice for the residents and there is a big 'no fishing ' sign in the middle of the lake as well."

Daily Echo:

She added: "It is upsetting for us knowing they are poaching the fish and at one point when they knew I was watching them from my house one guy caught a fish, held it up and waved it to me.

"We have contacted the police about this before and they moved the group once under social distancing rules a month ago, so they didn't turn up for a week.

"I understand the police have got bigger fish to fry, but we are trying to do something about it."

The accountant stressed she has contacted Test Valley Borough Council about the issue, but has not received a reply from the authority.

Community and Leisure portfolio holder, cllr Ian Jeffrey, said: “Fishing is not permitted at Lakeside Avenue, Rownhams, and we would encourage everybody to be responsible and follow these rules.

"While fishing is now allowed in permitted areas following the government’s announcement on May 10, previous regulations still apply about where and when you are legally allowed to fish.

"We are aware of the issue and are currently investigating. We will then take action if appropriate.”

Hampshire police has been contacted for comment.

The first time Kay claims she saw the group take a fish was on April 1.