SAMMY the snake is among the pets we feature today. 

You’ve been sending in pictures of your beloved animals for our weekly feature and there’s certainly some interesting choices among readers today. 

We also feature a fish and chips loving cat and a whole host of dogs which have been your constant companions during lockdown. 

We’d love to feature your pet in the Daily Echo and online. 
Post a picture of your four-legged friend, reptile, hedgehog or another raccoon at

  • SAMMY the snake is a two year old boa constrictor who is surprisingly cuddly.
  • TARSHA has reached the grand old age of 17 on a diet of fish, chips and peas! She is great company and talks in squeaks and meows. 
  • SHIHPOO puppy Benji Bear is a lockdown gift and a little bundle of mischief. The five-month-old loves puddles and piles of wet leaves, especially in the New Forest.
  • DORA the Explorer is a very aptly named three month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is an expert at finding gaps, nooks and crannies everywhere. 
  • OREO the Jack Russell supports an autistic child in Woolston. She loves posing for pictures. 
  • DORIS the dog loves taking a breather in the long grass at home in Marchwood and watching owner Debbie Vella’s grandchildren playing.
  • IT’S a duvet day for Doodle the dog in her big bed. The two-year-old gives the best cuddles.
  • BLACK Russian Terrier Ebony gives high fives, loves attention and is a real gannet who needs child locks on the fridge and food cupboards at home. 
  • MABEL the nine-year-old Border Terrier is about the only animal to enjoy fireworks. She was bred by someone who works at Lulworth Tank Corps.