ANOTHER three animals have been killed on New Forest roads.

The latest collision occurred at 7.25pm last Saturday, when a white Shetland pony was hit by a vehicle on the B3054 at Norleywood Crossroads.

A donkey was badly injured in an accident on the B3079 at Brook at 7.30am on January 11.

The donkey had to be humanely destroyed by one of the agisters employed by the Verderers to deal with day-to-day problems involving the Forest's free-roaming animals.

It happened near the scene of an accident in which four ponies owned by the same person were killed on New Year's Eve.

A pony was injured in an accident on the B3054 near Hatchet Pond at 10.30pm on January 12 and had to be put down.

All the animals are owned by people known as commoners - villagers with the right to let their stock graze the landscape.