HIGHWAY chiefs have vowed to resurface a busy Hampshire road after residents complained about the noise made by HGVs driving over potholes.

Families say they are being kept awake at night by the sound of lorries using damaged and poorly-repaired sections of Normandy Way, Marchwood.

The houses affected are near Marchwood Industrial Park and the Sea Mounting Centre - also known as Marchwood Military Port.

Members of the Normandy Way Fight For Change campaign group say they are having to put up with the noise and vibration caused by lorries thundering past their properties at all hours of the day and night.

Marchwood resident Nigel Cooper said: "The roadway is awful, having been patched poorly many times.

"Lorries are operating 24/7 and we're getting woken during the night. It's especially bad when empty container lorries or car transporters basically bounce over the surface."

Other villagers also complained about the deafening din made by the increasing number of HGVs using the route.

One woman said: "It's like living in a constant thunderstorm. The road repairs using patching has made the noise even worse."

Residents have enlisted the help of Marchwood county councillor David Harrison and the chairman of the local parish council, Richard Young.

Now the county council has vowed to take action.

Cllr Rob Humby, executive member for economy, transport and environment, said an inspection had identified "clear evidence of accelerated surface failure".

He added: "I am advised that the most cost-effective long-term solution is to resurface the entire road.

"I am therefore pleased to report that Normandy Way has been added to this year’s Operation Resilience resurfacing programme. I am confident this will alleviate many of the issues raised by local residents.

"The highways team will continue to monitor the road surface to ensure it remains in a safe and serviceable condition. They will also contact adjacent residents to inform them of the proposed resurfacing works later this year."

Last night Mr Cooper told the Daily Echo: "The issue has finally received the attention the issue deserves.

"It’s thanks to everyone who complained including the local councillors. I just hope it finally happens so we can all get a good night's sleep."

Writing on social media Cllr Harrison said: "The very heavy use by lorry traffic means the road surface breaks up very quickly.

"I cannot stress enough just how bad the situation is. Every so often a container lorry or car transporter travels along the road and makes a noise like a really loud metal explosion.

"This is a really serious issue. The noise goes on all night and in the early hours of the morning, keeping residents from sleeping.

"The level of noise nuisance is totally unacceptable. Nobody should be expected to put up with this."