RESIDENTS of a housing development have spoken out after their bins were repeatedly left unemptied attracting flies and even rats.

People living at North Stoneham Park in Eastleigh say they have complained to the council multiple times about bins not being collected in the area but nothing has been done.

The problem is said to have started as soon as new residents moved in when the housing was first made available, but now, some say their bins haven’t been emptied for almost five weeks now.

Single mum and North Stoneham Park resident, Mollie Frampton said she moved into her new home around three months ago now and ever since she has had to keep her windows shut because of the smell.

Although the door on the bin store is broken and currently stuck open, Mollie claims she has seen bin collectors turn up, not go into the store and then leave without doing anything, later telling residents they were not able to access the bins.

Daily Echo: North Stoneham Park. Photo from: Google Maps.North Stoneham Park. Photo from: Google Maps.

She said: “The bin store is absolutely disgusting. We’ve got rats running around now, there’s flies, the kids can’t play out the front.

“It’s in every part of the estate. I’d understand that we’ve been through the pandemic and that there aren’t drivers around but the bin men come up here, go up to my bin shed and then walk away and say no access.

“The amount that we pay to live here and we pay our council tax, and I just think why do I pay council tax when I can’t even open my windows. I can’t even get fresh air in here because of the smell. They’re quick enough to send me a debt letter if we don’t pay council tax but yet they won’t pick our bins up.”

Mollie and other neighbours say they have called the council about the issue but nothing has been done.

Daily Echo: Bin store overflowing at North Stoneham Park after rubbish not collected.

The problem has now got so bad that rubbish is overflowing out of the bins and is now covering the floor of the bin store because residents have no where else to put it.

27-year-old Mollie added: “It’s a new build, there’s so many houses here and its such a shame because its a really nice estate. I probably wouldn’t live here if I knew about the bins beforehand.”

After the Daily Echo contacted the Eastleigh Borough Council, a spokesperson said the bin store had been cleared.