PARENTS are being told to “park responsibly” after reports of “dangerous parking” outside borough schools.

Eastleigh council says it has received a number of reports already from schools regarding “inconsiderate” and “dangerous” parking outside of schools.

Parking behaviours that have been identified in a nationwide survey by the British Parking Association and cause frustration include, obstructing the pavement, parking on junctions, on or blocking someone’s driveway, if the lines and signs say you can’t, in a designated bay you are not eligible to use and taking up more than one space.

Sharing these with parents on its website, the council says it is now going to be working in partnership with police to educate people and issue penalty tickets where appropriate.

Cabinet Lead for Transport Cllr David Airey, said: “With the new school year getting under way I would like to remind parents and guardians of the problems that can be caused by inconsiderate and selfish parking, for example blocking access to driveways, parking on pavements and grass verges.

“Such parking causes problems, in particular for the disabled, older people, people with limited mobility and those with small children. Complaints about poor parking are one of the most frequent issues raised by residents with me.

“I would encourage everyone to park responsibly and considerately but also to walk, cycle and use public transport to access schools.”

Now police say Neighbourhood Policing teams have been engaging with local communities during busy school hours as well as working with both Eastleigh Borough Council and Fair Oak Parish Council to set up Park and Stride sites.

A police spokesperson said: “Parking on double or single yellow lines remains a council issue, but incidents of parking where it causes obstruction or is dangerous might be considered an offence under the Road Traffic Act and local police officers may be deployed.”