A MISSING cat has returned home to his owner after an online campaign was launched to find him.

Laura Murphy found herself in a "desperate situation" after her cat, Claude, disappeared from their West End home on Wednesday, November 3.

Laura, who lives on Brookside Way, tested positive for coronavirus last week and her husband tested positive for the virus on Friday, November 5.

Daily Echo:

Claude before he went missing

This meant the couple were unable to search for Claude on their own.

Laura appealed for help from the public to help find her four-legged friend stating she was "distraught".

She said: "He loves to be outdoors, in the summer he lies on the lawn all day, and leaves circles of dead grass, or he sleeps in the bushes on the drive, and when he comes in he usually has leaves and twigs in his fur, which he then shakes out all over the floor for us. "

Daily Echo:

Claude before he went missing

Thankfully, Claude returned home on Monday, November 8.

"I will never know where he has been," said Laura.

"But we are giddy with relief, now just to beat coronavirus and then we will have that celebration."

Laura also shared some photos of Claude after he returned home, curled up in bed.

Daily Echo:

Claude after he returned home

She said: "He is not the most photogenic cat, he tends to look quite fierce, but here he is post vets, full of tuna fish and pain killers.

"He is a bit battered, bruised and subdued, but definitely happy to be home."