A PROTECTED Southampton building is set to be equipped with CCTV following the theft of a car belonging to a doctor and nurse.

The city council has approved an application to install two "tennis ball-sized" cameras at Regency House, a Grade II-listed building in Grosvenor Square.

The application, by Jack Taylor, said the devices were needed following the theft of a vehicle from a doctor and nurse who lived in Regency House.

It added: "I want to install CCTV cameras on the building to record any crimes if they were to unfortunately occur again."

A heritage statement accompanying the application said: "The proposal has been developed with a view to minimising any changes to the original Grade II-listed parts of the building.

"The Securico CCTV company have options that are available to make the cameras discreet.

"They have offered cameras and wiring that could be white in colour, with minimal drilling required to install. The cameras are also 'tennis ball-sized', so this would help in ensuring to addition to the building is less noticeable.

"Placement of the cameras near some eaves would make the cameras more discreet."

Commenting on the application the City of Southampton Society said it had no objection in principle in principle but added: "We note there is already a camera covering the staircase to the cycle storage.

"Was this not working? CCTV is only effective if the units are maintained and the tapes reviewed."

A report prepared by city council planning officers said the applicant was seeking consent to install two cameras on the eastern elevation of the building.

It added: "The cameras would be small dome units located in the upper corner of the recessed panels. The units would be white in colour to blend in with the existing render finish.

"On this basis, their installation is considered to have minimal impact on the original fabric and the historic character of the listed building."

The report referred to a condition proposed by the council's historic environment officer, who said the cabling should not harm the external character of the building.

"Therefore, subject to condition, the proposal is not considered to have a harmful impact upon the character of the building."