POLICE seized two uninsured vehicles and issued three tickets for speeding during the latest Operation Mountie session in the New Forest.

Officers regularly visit Roger Penny Way and other roads in the Bramshaw area in a bid to enforce the 30mph and 40mph speed limits.

It follows an accident on new year's eve in 2020 in which four ponies owned by the same person were killed by a Land Rover Discovery.

The driver was complying with the speed limit but many other motorists have been caught flouting the restriction in the past 12 months.

Posting on social media New Forest Cops said: "Our fifth Op Mountie session saw us seize two uninsured cars, issue three tickets for speeding, and speak to another 11 drivers who were also going faster than the limit.

"Op Mountie is our dedicated operation that looks to slow traffic down and reduce animal deaths in the Forest.