SOUTHAMPTON has become the latest city to be visited by a free-wheeling DJ who pedals as he plays.

A huge number of drum and bass fans turned out to greet cyclist Dom Whiting, who is touring the country on his custom-built bike.

Dom described it as a first anniversary ride, saying his cross-country adventure began almost a year ago.

The 26-year-old Londoner has spent the past 11 months visiting towns and cities across the UK, urging people to ride with him as he DJs on the move.

He was waved off by members of his family as he began his visit to Southampton by riding through a subway beneath The Avenue, followed by scores of fellow cyclists.

The former mechanic was given a police escort as he made his way across the common before visiting Shirley, Portswood and the city centre, ending his musical tour at Mayflower Park.

Dom hatched the idea during lockdown after growing weary of waiting for indoor parties to resume.

As well as touring the UK he has visited Belgium and Ibiza and plans other foreign trips in the future, including trips to Berlin and Amsterdam. A return visit to Southampton next year is also on the cards.

Dom reckons he has notched up at least 500 miles since embarking on his travels in March last year.

He said: "I've ridden in every type of weather, including rain and snow. When it's wet I put a cover over the decks, which seems to do the trick. Bright sunshine is a problem because I can't see the screen."

Dom quickly learned how to mix tracks and pedal at the same time - as well as keeping clear of other road users.

"I haven't had any accidents but I've had a few close shaves, usually involving lampposts or gates I'm trying to get through," he said.

"I was cycling down a hill in Bristol and when I put my put on the brake it pulled me over to the kerb. That was a very close call."

Dom has built up a huge following since taking to the road for the first time.

More than 100 supporters joined him on bikes, rollerblades and on foot in Brighton, and almost a million people watched his drum and bass journey through London.