TORY politicians have spoken of their disappointment after their party lost control of the council.

The Labour party has once again grasped control of the city council.

After a night of counting votes, the make-up of the local authority has seen a shakeup.

Labour now forms the majority with 26 councillors.

Meanwhile, the Tories have 21, and the Lib Dems, one.

Commenting on the result, MP for Southampton Itchen, Royston Smith, said: "This is a very disappointing result.

"The Conservatives won seven seats from Labour in Southampton last year to take control of the council for the first time in nine years."

The backbencher said his constituents have "overwhelmingly" told him that the cost of living has been their number one concern.

He added: "The Government needs to understand this and act quickly. I’m afraid successive governments' lack of a long term strategy for energy security has helped bring us to this point and dealing with that must be our number one focus and priority.”

The Tory councillor for Millbrook, Steve Galton, is one of those to lose his seat.

The council boss for the environment took to social media this morning to voice his thoughts on the election.

In a statement, he said: "As you wake up today, you will see that I was unable to hold my seat yesterday and Local Conservatives were unable to maintain control of Southampton City Council.

"The majority have decided to back Labour and Labour will now say they have a mandate for their increased taxation and borrowing plans; plus those crazy road schemes they had last time...

Whatever people feel now, I'll look back at what we achieved in just 12 months with pride - and importantly we did everything we said we would when you gave us that mandate 12 months ago.

Thank you all for your support."